Actress Sandra Bullock says ‘Donald Trump Is Doing Everything To Improve Our Nation, If You Don’t Like Him Just…’

Sandra Bullock expressed that she isn’t “politically vocal” yet rather that doesn’t mean she isn’t obstinate with…“I just need what’s best for our country,” Bullock said in the midst of an inquiry and answer session for her new film, Our Brand Is Crisis, in Los Angeles last Friday. Also, the best part was the point at which she expressed this:“On […]

Adam Schiff Paid Witnesses Over $40 Million To Testify Against Trump

More corruption from the Democrats today as reports from Capitol Hill suggest that Shifty Adam Schiff has not only been leading an illegal coup against the President, but paying the witnesses with taxpayer dollars. According to our source inside the Congressman’s office, the treachery goes far beyond mere bribery: “We have almost gathered the proof necessary to go public to […]