CBS News failed again to do its journalistic duty to its viewers as it repeatedly presented biased reporting suggesting President Trump is not concerned with American lives.

In network coverage this week, anchors and reporters ignored the real need of delivering factual information to Americans about the coronavirus pandemic and instead, took time to criticize the president’s efforts to reopen the US economy.

(Source: CBS News via Media Research Center)

Anchor Norah O’Donnell informed viewers on Wednesday that Trump would be announcing the guidelines for reopening parts of the country to get Americans back to work, but added that the expected remarks come “even as the mayor right here in D.C., the nation’s capital, extended her stay-at-home order to May 15.”

Reporter Ben Tracy told viewers that “the President has not said which states he thinks can safely reopen,” adding that Trump “will defer to his health experts on this” because “it’s clear he made up his mind it’s time to get at least some of the country back open for business.”

The journalist added to his report which appeared to recommend the president was being foolish by including that Trump “taking note of his hurry to revive could reverse discharge if diseases spike.”

“The President is feeling strain to recover the economy on target. Retail deals plunged a record 8.7 percent in March, and some Republican officials presently state sparing the economy is a higher priority than sparing lives,” Tracy announced, as a video clasp of Republican Rep. Trey Hollingsworth broadcast.

NBC News revealed the Indiana legislator’s announcement in an article featured: “Indiana congressman says he will let more beyond words spare economy.”

CBS proceeded with its purposeful publicity on Thursday as talking heads slammed Trump after he had shared the subtleties of his arrangement to restore the economy.

“Minutes prior President Trump discharged his new rules for reviving America. It is 18 pages in length however does exclude subtleties that governors have requested, similar to how to increase testing or grow contact following. Ben Tracy is at the White House this evening. Also, Ben, so what do these rules state?” O’Donnell inquired.

“A few governors are broadening their stay-at-home requests, yet President Trump is pushing ahead with his arrangement to revive the nation,” Tracy proclaimed.

He made no notice of Ohio Governor Mike DeWine who was purportedly considering reviving his state before May 1, however he acknowledged the disdain working the country over as Americans pushed back against stay-at-home requests.

“Reaction to remain at-home requests is working as an amazing number of Americans, 22 million, have now petitioned for joblessness in only the previous a month. In Nevada, the coronavirus flare-up has spread a creepy quiet over the Las Vegas strip for about a month. Chairman Carolyn Goodman calls the proceeded with shutdown ‘all out madness,’” Tracy detailed, alluding to the Democrat chairman who said the shut down is “executing” the city.

Tracy finished up his report by refering to an anonymous source on a call Trump had with governors.

“Presently, a source on that call with the President today says that the President appeared to be progressively worried about organizations, ensuring them, getting them open, than ensuring that states have this pivotal testing set up,” he said.

The one-sided announcing, which has come not out of the ordinary from the liberal, hostile to Trump media, was hammered by Twitter clients.

Was there any doubt it would be negative?

TWISTED: @CBSEveningNews insists President Trump and the GOP are more interested saving the economy than saving lives

CBS Insists Trump, GOP More Interested Saving Economy Than Lives
Devoid of any responsibility for the wellbeing and livelihoods of the American populous, CBS Evening News spent two consecutive nights chiding President Trump’s urging for parts of the country to
7:58 AM – Apr 17, 2020
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