CNN is already starting the attack against Vice-President Mike Pence because it is believed he will run for President in 2024. Democrats know they played the racist, Nazi, Fascist card too many times on President Trump that they needed a new term to label Mike Pence. The New Term created is “Christian Supremacist”.

Michael D’Antonio is the man who created this new term for Mike Pence in his new book “New Day” and Co-authored book “Shadow President: The Truth About Mike Pence.” Michael D’Antonio is a CNN contributor that is brought on to speak on politics, mainly to bash Republicans.

D’Antonio started talking about how Mike Pence is getting ready for his Presidential run in 2024 and claimed, “Everyday Mike Pence imagines he’s one day closer to the Oval Office.”

In response to CNN host John Berman asking about D’Antonio’s quote calling Mike Pence a “Christian supremacist” who could become president, LifeNews reports. “Now, he’s not the first committed Christian to be anywhere near the White House,” Berman said. “I mean there have been a lot of deeply religious figures there.”

D’Antonio continued:

“I think he’s a very divisive figure. He would like to impose a religiously inspired politics on our country that means rolling back marriage equality, it means a ban on abortion, a whole host of policies that are religiously driven. He’s very upfront about that,” D’Antonio said.

Later on a different show on CNN D’Antonio claimed Mike Pence is waiting in the shadows for Trump to stumble so he can take over as President. “I think Mike Pence imagines this is going to happen for him,” D’Antonio said. D’Antonio also said Pence sees himself as a “pagan king” and warned that if Trump were to resign this year, Pence could be president for 10 years.

In D’Antonio’s book he claimed a person close to Pence said “The vice president actually believed he could bring Trump to Jesus, and like Jesus, he was willing to do whatever was necessary to help save Trump’s soul.”

The derangement on the left is getting beyond humorous bordering on scary for the safety of all Americans who disagree with the left.

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